Enhance No 14

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Enhance is a literary and art magazine that will try to understand the human’s perception of life through literature and art

See works by by John Grey, Anthony Ward, Noel Doyle, John Ronan, Melanie Marttila, Brian Furman, Stephen Mead, Elena Botts, William Yorkshire, and Rudy Ravindra.

Mercedes Webb-Pullman

Mercedes Webb-Pullman is busy campaigning to have New Zealand declared a metric time zone and moved closer to Canada so the geese don't have so far to travel. She is uneasy about whales watching her on weekends but doesn't mind so much about the seals. Asked for her lucky number, she usually says blue. Her long division skills are legendary, and her mother is a hamster.

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Abraham Schneider

Abraham Schneider works as an underemployed file clerk in an anonymous office building in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has felt a spiritual calling to office work ever since he used to scan and file his parents' junk mail as a child.

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Christopher Linforth

Christopher Linforth lingers on the Internet-christopherlinforth.wordpress.com- where he now and again updates the stratospheric descent of his writing career.

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Tim Laffey

Tim Laffey is an old guy now. When he was young he wrote some, then got sidetracked. The years passed. He got a city job, got married a bunch and had a kid, who has, herself, had kids. He retired and moved back to the farm with his permanent wife.

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